SBC aims to create alignment between both human and financial assets, so families are well equipped to deal with the ’emotional’ as well as the ‘financial’ aspects of the enterprise in order to ensure a sustained preservation of wealth over multiple generations.

The Four Quadrants

The Four Quadrants is an approach based on the work of Ken Wilber ‘A Theory of Everything’. SBC uses the Four Quadrant approach and looks at four very distinct separate areas that we as human beings need to work on, believing that, if we get to a level of functionality and mastery in all of these four areas of life. We will by definition be happy and lead a meaningful life.

The Four Quadrants:


thoughts, motivations, emotions


culture and engagement with others


professional skills


development of business systems

The quadrants represent internal skills that can be described as intrapersonal – that deal with a person’s emotions.


The 'I' represents an individual's thoughts, emotions and motivations.


The 'IT' section represents how physically healthy an individual is.


The 'WE' represents how well an individual can communicate and engage with others.


The 'ITS' represents how well an individual can function in the physical world. For example, how well they budget, how well they run their house, systems for business to work well etc.

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