What we do

SBC works with families to transition wealth to the next generation.

SBC includes: financial; emotional and social aspect in dealing with the transition, thus creating success on both the family and business levels.

How we do this:

After the initial analysis and assessment of the family enterprise and its key individuals. SBC will look at the mind set and skill-set of both the current ownership and next generation using the four quadrant approach to ascertain the skill-sets of the next generation. Please view our video to understand how we look at wealth transition:

playtransitioning the family enterprise

Development of EQ of individuals
and their Families

Development of the skill-set of the
Family Members

Development of the culture of the
whole family and increasing
communication across generations

Legal and accountancy systems
of transfer

There are significant differences between the mind-set of the creator of the business (G1) and the next generation that will be inheriting it (G2) there are also differences with subsequent generations although less pronounced.

It is important to understand the general development, mind-set and goals of each generation (the lower left quadrant – WE). As well as understanding the mechanics of the systems, processes and operational structures of the enterprise the (lower right quadrant – ITS).

After a thorough understanding of each generation: the current ownership and the next generation, SBC will then create an appropriate plan to transition the business, usually between 3-5 years.

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