What we do

SBC works with families to increase both human and financial capital of their Family Office and businesses. Thus helping to make significant improvements in the DOUBLE bottom line.

How we do this:

After the initial analysis of a company has been concluded, SBC will recommend work in each area of the four quadrants if needed. Please view our video on the four quadrants:

playrunning the family enterprise

Development of the EQ of key

Development of the professional
skill-set of key Individuals

Development of the EQ and culture
of the Family Enterprise

Development of the company’s
Financial and Operational Systems

SBC will assess key individuals in the family and workplace on the particular skill-sets each individual member would need to develop. For example, a second generation twenty-three-year-old due to take over the family business, might be advised to take on an internship or graduate role in a similar business until they have worked their way up over a period of time, and learned the necessary skillsets required for their future roles.

To create a double bottom line SBC will also look at each individual’s and the company’s ‘soft’ skills and the ability to have difficult emotionally charged conversations, on both a personal and professional level. The team will then look at the developmental and operational components of the family

enterprise to ensure these are all in place and make appropriate recommendations for training and work in each area. For example, for a ‘Next Gen’ member the team would ensure all financial requirements are in place but for a more established business, look at all operational processes to see how they are working and improvements that could be made.

As part of SBC’s four quadrant approach it is important to look at the overall culture of a family enterprise in particular the communication style of the family and its value system. SBC’s team will look at what the company is doing to implement its value systems and improvements that can be made.

After recommendations are made covering each quadrant area – a full implementation plan is created to be completed over an appropriate period of time, depending on how much work is needed in each particular area. SBC will focus on the key priorities needed for the enterprise to function and critical to improving its DOUBLE bottom line.

The SBC approach involves checks and balances at the outset to ensure each plan is continually

  • monitored and reviewed.
  • implemented appropriately
  • achieving its bottom line impact

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