What we do:

Family business succeeds from one generation to the next if they successfully put in place and manage succession. To ensure this, families must remain engaged with that generation and put in place the right tools with education, training, leadership and development programmes.

How we do this:

SBC’s educational programme is designed to help the next generation explore their potential and introduce them to the challenges of running a family business. The programme ranges between 10-15 years – depending on the individual family (usually starting somewhere around age 10-12 and running through to age 25), with a few days set aside each year for the training to take place. SBC creates and implements bespoke programmes, so every course will be customised in collaboration with the family, thus ensuring the right skills and tools to deal with their individual situations.

Upon conclusion of the SBC training programme, the participants will the skills and knowledge in 6 key areas that are critical for future success:


Building self-confidence


Enhancing communication


Improving people skills


Teamwork and leadership


Managing emotion and fear


Practical financial and business skills

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