SBC were approached by a multi-generational family of significant wealth, the first generation member (G1) had made the money, the second generation (G2) were in the process of the wealth being transitioned to them and they were concerned about how the third generation (G3), as they were growing up, would be able to interact with the wealth.

There were a brother and sister in this family, the older brother was taking over one part of the family business and the younger sister was taking over another part. Each with three children of their own, their focus was on understanding the best way to bring up their children so that they wouldn’t experience substantial problems with having such a significant level of wealth.

The first step, that SBC will always undertake, is to ensure that the families are equipped to have ‘difficult conversations’. One of the major problems with money is that it’s very emotionally charged and conversations about wealth transition include either handing over one’s company assets (i.e. one’s baby) or the death of a first generation family member. This issue is often exacerbated by people living longer today.

SBC then embarked on a series of conversations to understand their needs and desires for the future.
As a result, it put in place four separate structures.


A governance structure to determine how decisions would be made and format of the meetings.


Creation of a family constitution for G2 and G3 members of the family


A 10-year educational course was devised for the G3s to start from the age of fourteen that covered 5 main areas:

  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence or EQ
  • Understanding of the family business
  • Philanthropy

Ongoing bi-annual meetings were held to review and update the family constitution and governance.

These structures help to produce a stable and healthy basis for the families to get the benefits of the wealth, while limiting many of the major negative pitfalls that come with that level of wealth.

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