SBC is a psychological informed business consultancy working with family enterprises. SBC works with a range of enterprises, from small start-ups to multi-generational International families with significant wealth. SBC specialises in developing both human and financial capital to help families utilise their wealth in the best way possible. In particular, SBC focuses on wealth transition and educating the next generation to take over family enterprises.

Using neuroscience, organisational consulting coupled with strong financial acumen, SBC is uniquely placed to interact with individual family members and businesses as a whole. Its aim is to provide each enterprise with a bespoke holistic approach to help them achieve their goals,

leading to better double bottom line results for both financial and human assets.

SBC has a highly skilled team of accredited professionals with training and education across multiple disciplines including teaching and education, accountancy, law, psychology, and neuroscience. This combination of knowledge allows us to integrate each discipline into our consultancy, helping to make a significant impact within people’s lives.

The business of dealing with wealth is an emotional one, as much, if not more than a rational one and so using the findings of all of the above disciplines can help to:

  • Create wealth
  • Manage wealth
  • Transfer it to the next generation

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