Establishing strong roots for future growth

SBC Generations is the Family Offices and Family Business Division of SBC Group, specialising in developing both human and financial capital to help families utilise their wealth in the most effective way possible. In particular, Generations focuses on preparing the next generation for the responsibility in inheriting and running the family enterprise, wealth transition, family governance and mediation.
Combining financial acumen, psychology and organisational consultancy our Generations packages will prepare your family to overcome the challenges that lie ahead and ensure a strong and healthy family for the generations to come.

Prepare the next Generation

Our Illuminaire programme provides fully tailored, holistic packages specifically developed to help the next generations explore their potential and introduce them to the challenges and responsibilities of running a Family Office or Family Business.

Running the Family Business

Our Genus programme spotlights the overall culture of a family business and the associated personal development of EQ and soft skills. Family governance structures and policies are also developed and implemented as part of this package thus ensuring clear and transparent personal and business guidelines that will both protect and enhance families for the future.

Equipping families to have difficult conversations

Our Pactum programme enables families to have and ultimately resolve difficult conversations within the family network in a neutral, highly confidential and professional environment enabling the family units and their associated businesses to develop their real potential and thrive.

Transition of Wealth

Our Transitus programme prepares all family members for the financial, emotional and social aspects of dealing with wealth transition, thus creating and delivering a future of success for both the family and its associated business and philanthropic arms.



Helping families preserve stability through generations


Facilitating a current and future-proofed Family Governance operative model


Equipping families to have difficult conversations


Helping to make generational wealth transition as successful as possible